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2 months in india - Amy Noelck

two months in India..

Hot, beautiful, spicy, humid, and colorful.

I moved to India this year, to work alongside an organization called ElevateX.  ElevateX was created to help individuals, communities and companies grow.  Through music, sports, health and leadership we get to help and encourage others become all they desire to be, no matter where they are coming from.  Whether they are attending one of the most prestigious schools in India, or growing up in a small, beautiful fishing village; whether they have a supportive, wealthy family–or if they have lost their biological parents and have found new family at Aswasa Bahavan.  We believe that all are equally worthy of having someone walk beside them on their journey to support their hopes, desires and dreams.

I’ve only been in India for two months and feel like I have grown so much already.  I knew this would be a life-changing experience for me… It has been, and continues to be each day.

Watching others experience the joy of being wanted, encouraged, and loved—is the greatest feeling in the world.  I hope to spend every day of the rest of my life experiencing that with others.  Thankful for organizations like ElevateX and for the people I have met here.  What a joy it is to wake up each day and be involved in work like this.

This will be a great year.

Cheers to India. A beautiful, colorful nation and people.
Thank you for an incredible two months.
Here’s to more to come.


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Photos really do speak louder than words, so I have nothing more to say.
Love always,