Photo by Nicollette Mollet

Hi, I'm Amy.

"I'm a writer, editor & organizer, currently residing in Dallas, Texas. I have always been a lover of words. Whether they are spoken out loud, written in letters, described and felt deeply through poetry, sung in songs, or told in stories, blogs, or books – words are the greatest way of communicating love, loss, lessons, and hope. I enjoy journaling about life and organizing thoughts and ideas (mine, and yours). I love working with visionaries and dreamers – helping them to shape dreams into reality. I believe unique ideas and passions were placed inside all of us to positively impact the world around us. It is my hope to fan the flame of those dreams, until they ignite into a passion so great you are unable to contain them any longer. You have a story to share with the world – and I can't wait to help you write it."  

- AN