Photos by Caroline Joy Kunkel

Photos by Caroline Joy Kunkel

Amy A. Noelck

Amy is a writer, editor, and organizer, currently residing in Dallas, Texas. She has always been a lover of words, and began her writing journey as a songwriter and poet, graduating with a double major in Music and Education from Southwestern AG University in Dallas, Texas. She released her first album of original songs in 2013 and began a writing business while teaching music in Kochi, India in 2015.

Since moving back to Dallas from India, she has grown her business through writing and editing online blogs, ghost-writing books, and hosting writing workshops, retreats, and classes. She loves to work with visionaries and organizations who desire to make a great impact in the world through their mission and vision. With infectious enthusiasm and zeal for life, Amy has a unique way of seeing the potential in others and uses this gift to help her clients tell their stories in the most authentic way they can.

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"I believe love can change the world. I believe a simple smile or act of kindness has the power to change the mind of a stranger who wonders if anyone would notice if they didn't wake up in the morning. I believe in forgiveness and mercy for those who don't deserve it. I believe there is restoration and hope for every circumstance. I believe in love."