Grace in Stillness

grace in stillness

Kochi, India. 

Here I am, from snow to sand, watching the the colors of the evening sun sink into the depths of the Arabian Sea.

I’ve claimed a spot, here on the rocks by the edge of the water, that is my very own. This is where I come to get lost in the evening sky as I listen to the crashing of the waves against the edge of the earth, and where I send the sun to wake my friends and family on the other side of the globe.

The ocean is anything but still. It is always moving, always roaring, forever crashing against the rocks that create a barrier between us. Yet, under it all, in the depths of the water, there is complete quiet, tranquility, and stillness.

Sometimes, I’ll go to the pool near my house in the middle of the afternoon just for that kind of stillness. India can be a very busy, loud, and chaotic place – but the moment I dive into that deep, blue water, I am completely submerged – in silence.

I’ll swim from one end of the pool to the other in one breath – just for the quiet. The water surrounds my body and I can feel the weight of the entire pool pushing against me. It feels more like an embrace than a heaviness. I’m surrounded by silence. An escape into stillness.

The Lord will fight for you..
you need only to be still.
Exodus 14:14

This verse, that word, has been on my mind a lot over the past few months as I wonder and think over what is next in my life after my year-long commitment to work in India is complete.

There is a strong amount of trust that comes with complete stillness. Life (without fail) brings one worry after another – whether that be your current job, your future job, the career you wish you had, your children, your lack of children.. your spouse, your boyfriend, girlfriend or boss.. sudden sickness, hope for healing, depression or loneliness.. not feeling good enough, financial problems, anxiety and stress... 


This simple verse has encouraged me to stop fighting to stay above water, but to allow myself to sink.

To sink right into the depths of His love and understanding. Into His stillness.
His mercy.
His grace.
His ability.
His.. love.

Now, this “sinking” doesn’t mean you do nothing. You work hard, you do your best, and you get up each day and ask God how you can serve, love, and live better than you did the day before.

Sinking into stillness means you set your mind, your anxiety and your worries at ease – simply because, He has you.

Fully surrendering my life and heart to Him has been, and will remain to be, the greatest decision I’ve ever made. I love the Lord so much. Each day of my life I want to know just how I can become a little bit more like Him. A little bit more like–love.

Becoming like Him means I can’t allow myself to be anxious about the things I would normally be worried about.

I’ve learned that (oh boy, have I learned that) this year, while living in India...

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to quit my job, pack up all my things, and volunteer to work for an organization for a year without any stable income. Cool, Amy.

But it was.

It was, because God asked me to–and saying yes to whatever He asks you to do is the absolute greatest place to be, no matter how much money you’re bringing in each month.

God is my provider. My sustainer. My breath and my nourishment. I can be still in chaos because of the trust I have in His faithfulness.

If you haven’t experienced the love of God in this way, I hope and pray that you will.

If I could pray or wish only one thing for you – it would not be for your health, or for your family, or for your business to prosper (though all of those things are good). What I would pray for, more than anything in the world, is that you would fall deeply and madly in love with the One who created you.

That you would know Him.
That you would know His love in the deepest way.
That you would sense His Spirit all around you – so much, that it would change everything about you. Your attitude, your heart – your view of life.
That you wouldn’t be able to wake up, even one day, without being with Him. Reading His Words, just to know Him better. To be closer to Him.
I hope, and pray, that you would understand (as no man ever really can – Ephesians 3:17-19), just how much. He. loves. you.

That’s where the stillness is.
In His love.

That’s why, when there is chaos all around, we’re amazed how some can walk through the most difficult circumstances in their lives with joy, peace, and no sign of worry or anxiety. How?

Stillness. Rest. Trust.

It’s a beautiful thing, really. The most beautiful to me.

I admire people like that. People who, while storms are seemingly all around them, simply stand in the midst of it; eyes closed–a slight smile on their face–knowing they will be just fine. They walk through difficult circumstances, with every reason to be anxious, afraid, or worried.. but, they’re not. There is a grace, a calm–a trust.


A beautiful, undeniable, stillness.

I pray you would find yourself in that place today. A place where you trust that He has good things for you (Romans 8:28) and wonderful plans for your life (Jeremiah 29:11). Knowing that He loves you–and that there is absolutely nothing you can do to change that.


Dive deep into His love today. Let go of your worry, your anxiety, and your fear. Today is the day you (we) get to decide to trust, to laugh often, and to choose to enjoy every. single. moment.

Today is the day we get to decide to be:: still.

Love always,